a doll named Bliss

Well now, because I like some of the craft blogs I’ve read, I’m going to put up a few crafty-type posts myself. Cuz I do that sort of thing, every now and then, anyway.

Here is the doll I knitted for my daughter, A. I used this pattern. I started it in March of 2004,* then it languished in a drawer, so close to done, for a LONG time. I finally finished it in time for her birthday in September 2005. It’s the first thing I ever knitted in the round, which I actually found shockingly easy (especially on lovely bamboo needles). You’ll note the other favorite gift there, a big dinosaur. That’s my girl….

But as you can see, she really liked the doll a lot — wouldn’t stop telling me so, in fact. What a sweetie.

More later. Not all craft photos will include the bonus cuteness, though. Sorry.

*There’s a story with that: just before I got pregnant with A, I was positively fixated on dolls. In that case, it was the American Girls dolls, which I used to have when I was little. Then, in March ’04 I became obsessed again, combing the internet for a pattern for a knit or crochet (preferably crochet) doll that I could make. A little later, I found out I was pregnant with my son B. Coincidence? Regardless, next time I am suddenly obsessed with dolls, we will all be afraid.

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