Scrapbook Messy Room Challenge – after

We like closure, so here are the CLEAN/AFTER pictures for the Messy Room Challenge, a couple of posts ago.

Overall, the clean room/table:

Now granted, the tabletop is not always this clean… but it CAN be!

The right side (former site of The Tower of Doom):

I have since labeled the knobs and/or fronts of some of these drawers: punches (circle & square), punches (other shapes), metals for the big drawers. The small set holds adhesive in two drawers and miscellaneous in the top (yes, that should probably be addressed). On the end are some idea books/magazines, and my two big “in progress” binders, for pages that I’ve finished but don’t know what album they’ll end up in yet. I got the binders for temporary storage, so I can actually look at those pages and feel accomplished. I’ve definitely discovered that I wouldn’t want to use 3 ring binders for permanent storage though, which is good to know.

On the tops of the drawers are toys, because I love toys. Particularly stuffed animals. And those fabulous Fisher Price Peek-a-Blocks – they’re so appealing, they just make me want to shove them in my mouth. And yes, the sippy cup is meant to be there, I’m planning a project with it….

Left end of the table:

The far, larger drawers have words, alphabets, and other embellishments. The photo box under the bright pink yarn has my ribbon and other fibers in it. I need more button jars, so as to separate them by color, but I do like the ones I have. The blue pack on the side has all my most basic supplies, paper cutter, decorative trimmer, journaling pens, little scissors, ruler, etc.

And a closer view of the wall, because I like it:

We live in an apartment, so I’m not comfortable using the wall itself for storage, a la pegboards, or hanging stuff with anything much more serious than blue tacky. But I’m happy to have images of some of my various amusements and/or obsessions up there: Sam-I-Am, Pooh bear doing yoga, Gromit, Eowyn, etc… all very satisfying to me.

Yay! Like I said, the table doesn’t really stay clear, at least not as clear as all that, but I have gotten way more done since doing this than I had the whole month before. It’s nice to know it all more or less has a place it could go, even if it’s not there now.

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2 responses to “Scrapbook Messy Room Challenge – after

  1. Good job!!! I’m envious of all your space!

  2. Really nice site you have here. I’ve been reading for a while but this post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work