I have a boy, too…

Though you may not be able to tell it yet, I do have a baby boy as well. Here is the story of his blankie:

Once upon a time, in a fit of yarn craftiness before B was born, I bought some extremely soft and fuzzy Lion Brand Polarspun yarn on clearance. It was a fabulous, Cookie-Monster-Blue color, wonderfully soft, and knits into a tight, furry mat of fuzz. It also turned out to be a MONSTER to work with. After several attempts at knitting or crocheting baby clothing (which was horrific — I couldn’t even see the individual stitches to work into them, and the yarn was extremely sticky, especially to itself when I need to pull out a mistake), I decided just to do a blanket. A nice simple blanket. I bought some light blue and some white of a (sort of) similar yarn, then proceeded to crochet a giant granny square blanket, with a big blue center, and stripes of the other colors, ending in an edging of the royal blue. How exciting! (Especially since the blanket I started for A is still unfinished… I did make her a snake though… I’ll have to post photos of that later.)

Here he is modeling it on the day we came home from the hospital:

12-09 blankieben

Then he developed a bit of jaundice — nothing serious, but I took him in to the pediatrician the Monday after (the Wednesday) he was born, just to make sure. And, somewhere, we dropped the blanket. Either in our parking lot or the pediatrician’s, but we lost it. I was VERY UPSET. I even made a poster and put it up by our apartment mailboxes, pleading for its return. But no. You can imagine my distress.

So, finally, in November 2005, I decided it was time to give it another shot. I loved the color of the evil Polarspun so much that I was determined to use it again. They had discontinued that yarn at the local Joann’s (hence the clearance thing), however, I found it online. So I ordered some of the cookie-monster-blue, and some mixed white and blue, and decided to try again. You can see the result in the background of this Christmas photo:

I decided to do a different design on the new one: two large granny squares of each color (I can’t emphasize enough how difficult that stuff is to work with), and a border of stripes. I just barely had enough — in fact I had to use a bit of the old yarn from before, the blue and some of the plain white, to finish the edging.

But oh the boy, he loves it so. He rubs it against his cheek and says: “Ohhh, ohhh.” What better reviews could we ask for.


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