kissy snake

This is the fabled Kissy Snake.

I never finished (and still have not) the blanket that I started while pregnant with A. Perhaps on the next child (next? ha!). At some point, well, specifically in March of 2004 I wanted to make her something. Really I wanted to make a doll, but I was having trouble finding a crocheted doll pattern that I liked the look of — I’ve been more comfortable, generally speaking, with crochet than with knitting. I found bears and bunnies and other such things. And then I found this snake.

When I was a kid I always wanted a big ol’ toy snake, one I could wrap around myself and wear like some sort of (slightly demented) scarf. I think I read a little story in a kids’ magazine that started it all. Anyway, I even made one for myself at one point, out of old socks. It was quite long, spotted (I drew on spots with a sharpie) and very poorly sewn, but I do think the head was fairly well done, the face had a lot of personality.

ANYWAY. So I ended up making this snake for my sweet little girl. (It seems to me that I tried to involve her in the choosing process, but she was only 18 months old at the time, so it was limited.) I bought the variegated rainbow yarn at Walmart, and a package of buttons for eyes, and it only took me a couple days of steady work to finish it — very easy pattern. I think I altered it a slight bit, around the neck area, just a couple differences in the decreases/increases, but I don’t really remember… it was two years ago after all (gasp! two years?!).

We called it the Rainbow Kissy Snake, because A would carry it around and make it kiss everyone and everything.


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  1. Ohh fun snake! I used to have a 6 foot stuffed yellow velour snake from a carnival in grade school. Loved wearing that thing like a “boa”! Also I totally loved and plan to share the image by Mary E of the gal in sweat pants from the feb calendar. TOTALLY me. 🙂 (well most of the time hehe)

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