things that make me happy:

The dialog during the opening credits of the Great Muppet Caper. Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo are all floating along in a hot air balloon. My favorite exchanges:

Gonzo: I’d like to try this without the balloon!
Kermit: Try what? Plummeting?
Gonzo: Yeah!
Kermit: Hm, I suppose you could try it once.


(amusingly enough, spoken over the “directed by Jim Hensen” title)
Fozzie: Nobody really reads this stuff, do they?
Kermit: Well, sure. They all have families.

I adore Jim Henson’s muppet/Kermit voice. Also the voice of Ernie: ah, singing “I’d Like to Visit the Moon.” I miss it terribly on Sesame Street. The new Ernie voice is a decent replica, but just not quite the same. I think such strong feelings as this, i.e. that Ernie nowadays is something of a sociopath, stem ultimately not from the fact that Ernie does things that differently than he did in the good ol’ days, but because he SOUNDS DIFFERENT.

And that’s what I love about the old voice, Jim Henson’s: a sort of underlying gentleness, tenderness even. So whatever Ernie was up to, you could tell it clearly wasn’t malevolent. Sigh. And I can always tell, immediately, if it’s an old school clip of Bert and Ernie, or new, just from the sound of Ernie’s voice. Miss you, Jimmy.


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