the fun of exercise?

Excerpts from this entry, by finslippy, just because I loved it:

why do you always end up next to the “Naked Chatty Lady Who Doesn’t Seem To Care That She’s All Naked And Nude And Without Clothing Before You”?

“Standing at the elevator is a cadre of seven-foot-tall, confident athletic types, all dressed in revealing workout costumes. Undoubtedly they Take It to the Max on a daily basis, right after they Push It to the Extreme. And you have to stand among them, with your workout clothes in a plastic shopping bag.”

“Then you go to the Cardio Station (do they perform open-heart surgeries there? It would be a welcome distraction) and you put on your iPod and commence to feeling the burn and so forth.”

Hee hee. Can’t get enough of the amusing use of language.

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