So this is my first amigumuri. Unless you count the kissy snake, or the octopus, which you could, but I don’t.

He’s made of blue Red Heart acrylic and white worsted weight cotton. Surprisingly quick and easy to make; as I did it I got a sense for how you would draw a chart for such a thing… I’d like this book now. I didn’t stuff the limbs, and the way they’re sewed on is a little odd, but oh well, first one. He has a white tail you can’t see. I rather like his face.

Obligatory links:

Crochet Me’s Spring 2006 edition is full of helpful hints on amigurumi, and the pattern that I altered to make this. (of course altered! can’t possibly follow directions…)

Here’s a page with links to patterns, blogs, etc. to do with amigurumi.


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