coming soon: a new class?

So this weekend was good, overall. We’ll go in reverse order:

*Last night we ended up going down to N’s Hometown to visit my husband’s grandmother, who was in town for a few days on short notice. I wanted to kick myself for forgetting the camera, since she’s 90 years old and since she moved away we don’t get to see her much.
The choir at church (of which I am the director) is officially taking a summer vacation. Too hot to sing, don’t you know? I am relieved, though I often enjoy the calling.

*A purchase of Quickutz, which I am excited but also rather guilty about. Hello? camera? Clearly goals must be refocused. Also, other things must be sold on eBay, to make up for my lapse of judgement (also to maybe make the camera come about sooner). I will soon be an eBay selling expert!

*On Saturday much time was spent with N messing on his new computer, but together we also pulled apart and rearranged the office. Yet again. I am, or rather will be, pleased with the new set-up, once I resettle my scrap table and supplies. It is quite the shambles at present; I need to get offline and make some progress there. While the boy naps.

*On Friday I went to a friend’s house to scrap (she is SO coming to mine next time — I’m the one with the supplies, dangit!). It was so interesting working with a really raw beginner, always is, no matter what the area, I think: she has little to no scrapbooking experience (though she’s a fabulous artist, very musically talented, and probably reading this blog. Hi H!). Whenever you come up against that wonderful clean slate in an area that you’re passionate about, it really makes you identify your own opinions, re-evaluate the basics. That whole having-to-know-something-better-to-teach-it thing. Anyway, that combined with a comment another friend made at a Wednesday night meeting; she said, “I’m just really not interested in scrapbooking myself, but I feel like I should do SOMETHING for my girls.” Together it’s really got me going, outlining a kind of class I could teach as a church activity, for those interested: Scrapbooking for the Obligated. There’s so many options and fun things and so forth for scrapbooking nowadays, it’s hard to know where to tell a beginner to start, but in this case, it’s really been fascinating to think about: what are the REAL basics? the real essentials? how to communicate this to people who aren’t (at least at the moment) interested in the craft part, but are interested in the memory-keeping part? Making it accessible. Doable. Because goodness knows, even though I love the creative part, I care even more about the memory keeping: catching the stories, taking care of the photos. Even of people I don’t even know. (What does that mean? Things to think about….)


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