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BTW: Congrats to my cousins who just had a new baby last week.

Home today from church with sicky-ness, plus that pesky “no car” thing. And now, get this: our TV is dying — the picture getting darker and darker, even with the brightness turned all the way up. When it rains it pours? Even though we don’t actually get any channels except for PBS, we do watch a fair number of videos; the thought of being without it strikes terror into my heart. Which is, doubtless, not a good sign (ah, the one-eyed babysitter). It probably means we should resolve to be TV free for a month or two. (Never mind the car eating up all our money, anyway. And still having to get new carseats.) Sigh.

I am somewhat ashamed to admit that the thing that bothers me most about this whole car fiasco (as I sort of mentioned before) is the fact that getting my fancy camera has to be put on hold, till who knows when. It feels ridiculous to admit this, but since when have I shunned being ridiculous?

I have decided, however, that the best way for me to stay focused and motivated to save for the new camera is DEFINITELY to use our old one as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate our old camera, I’m grateful to have a digital camera at all. It’s decent for a point & shoot, 10x optical zoom, and it’s served us well. But the flash recharge delay, not to mention the shutter button delay are driving me INSANE.* (Which makes me not want to use it, it’s so frustrating. But.) So, clearly (the reasoning goes), the more I use it, the more I want my new special pretty one, and the faster I will save for it, forgoing even pizza and scrapbook supplies! (Gasp!) Honestly though, I’d rather get the camera even before replacing the TV, because

  1. You can’t scrapbook without photos, and I want kickin’ photos;
  2. A camera won’t rot my poor children’s brains; and most importantly
  3. Said children — they grow so fast. So. Very. Fast. I can hardly bear the fact that I won’t have it for their birthdays this year, maybe for Christmas if I can sell a LOT of stuff on ebay (I have had two successful auctions thus far, yay!). But that’s a big maybe. Every day of potential photos lost is gone forever, so painful to think of (which is why I mostly try not to, but…)

Unfortunately the camera costs way more than a TV (well, at least the TV we’ll end up getting – definitely not talking hi-def flatscreens here, which can outstrip the price of my camera without even trying), so it’s just going to have to wait a while longer.

But wait, staying motivated! All right! I’m even going to decorate a peach jar (with some of the many scrap supplies I already have), cut a slot in the top, and save the old fashioned way — a few cents (well, hopefully dollars) at a time. I am also not above begging. After all, my birthday is coming up next month (the 23rd, hint hint 🙂 so any of my friends or family who are reading this and feel moved to give me a present, donations to the Camera Fund would be most greatly welcome. (“In lieu of gifts, or flowers…” Ha ha. ETA: But seriously… in the form of Ritz Camera gift cards -online, or from a real store location- would work well…)

Now, off to raid the spare change jar….

*I wish I had on video the time my dear sweetie was demonstrating how I take photos. I had been trying out a couple of different cameras, and was fretting aloud over the fact that the one I wanted had a slightly longer flash recharge time than the other. (The one was about like Click.Click.Click. while the other was Click..Click..Click..) He said, “Yeah, but look at how it is now” and then began imitating me with eerie accuracy: “Click…..’oh, come on’ … ‘now?’… ‘ARGH!’… ‘OKAY, FINALLY!’ Click.” In between you must imagine very amusing and very not-that-exaggerated facial expressions and snortings of exasperation and disgust… Okay, fine, never mind, but it was funny, you’ll just have to take my word for it.


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