SPC #5 – with sweetie

September at Self Portrait Challenge – “with someone.”

The guidelines:
1. each week in the month use a different person in your self portait.
2. either talk about that person or illustrate in the photograph why you have included them and how they are meaningful.

Had to start with my dear husband.

This one was taken by our (then) 2 year old — one of her first set of photos taken ever. (This is so not the topic, but I’m so jazzed that they make such cheap little digital cameras now. I’m TOTALLY getting her one — but probably not till next year.)

It tickles me how we are already, sort of, looking alike. After only (already?) five and a half years. I could do (and maybe I will!) a whole photo essay on all the reasons I love him: how I feel bad laughing at “clueless husband” jokes, because he is the polar opposite of that. How he is an amazing father, a fabulous mate, always supporting me. Every day, I realize: I got me a good one; I can only hope for all the other girls out there that they should be so blessed.



One response to “SPC #5 – with sweetie

  1. Love the pictures. You guys look great and very happy.–>