good afternoon, NaBloPoMo

NBPM is kind of hard to type. As some others have mentioned, I like BloP.
It almost feels like cheating to put up Halloween photos today — but really, aren’t we all still dealing with the fallout (sugary and otherwise)? I rest my case.




Also? I’m just really proud of MY costume.


I went as The Zoo. Could use some smoothing out, perhaps, but not bad, considering I only came up with it the day of.

(I adore Beanie Babies, though not in the classical collectorish way, exactly. I cut the tags off, on purpose even, and I don’t feel that I must limit myself to only Ty brand. If it’s cute and/or exotic, it’s fair game. The real attraction for me is left over from childhood, when I read all the Zoobooks, multiple times, and loved odd animals. But when I was a kid, it was next to impossible to find stuffed ostriches or manatees or jellyfish, or anything else much more exotic than bear, dog or cat. When I was six or seven (and still!) I loved foxes, and it was a HUGE accomplishment that my dad found me a stuffed toy fox for Christmas. Now, thanks, I think, in large part to Beanie Babies, you can find all kinds of awesome animals. Plus they’re little and cute and easy to store. If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll see a sloth, a fox on my shoulder, a jellyfish (smugairle roin! in Irish, an in-joke from my study trip there – it translates literally to “seal’s spit”). And my famous (from college) camel on the head. Any of my friends from back then reading this are probably thinking: wow, she’s still a freak. Welcome to my world….)


Favorite Halloween traditions:

  1. Dressing up, of course. The more creative the better, and homemade is always nice. I adore dressing up, personally. Some of my past costumes: The Zoo, pioneer, medieval harper, baby dragon (just a puppet on my hand, lazy I know); ladybug, gypsy, “purple” in a rainbow (with six friends); bat, pink rabbit, Pumpkin Fairy, fox.
  2. Pumpkin carving. (Next year, I swear.)
  3. As a kid: getting home with the loot and sorting it by type. And then swapping with your siblings, and possibly parents.

Anyone else have favorite Halloween traditions to share? (Remember, if you’re not BloP-ing yourself, your mission in that case is to delurk and do some commenting! Especially my friends from not-Wordpress blogs. I want to know how the comments look to you now….)


8 responses to “good afternoon, NaBloPoMo

  1. Love the costumes! Soooo cute!

  2. CUTE costumes – and of course cute kids! I really like your costume too. How did you keep the camel on top of your head? I take it you pinned the other animals onto your shirt and pants as we discussed on the phone, right?

    Also, good job NABLOPOMOing. lol! See ya on Friday at the workshop! 😉

  3. The camel-on-the-head is my own special talent. It promotes good posture — I should wear it more often.

  4. The fuzzy dog and cat ears are adorable.

  5. I should try balancing something on my head since I have terrible posture. A camel seems a bit large though… and they spit, right? 😉

  6. Halloween memories? Omigosh, yes!! You may have just provided inspiration for today’s first entry…

    Thank you! (Stay tuned…it’s too long for a mere “comment.”)

    I LOVE your zoo costume, and I am sooo stealing that idea next year. (I have a Hefty bag full of beanies, some with tags, some without – I am the same way about “collecting” them, if you can’t PLAY with them, what good are they?)

  7. Great costume! Until I read that you were the zoo, I expected it to be called “animal magnetism” 😉

    Also, loving “BloP”! I tried calling it “NaBlo” for a few days, but that sounds kind of icky…

  8. I think you had a fantastic idea for a costume! I love it! The kids look cute too and I can see you are having a great time with your new camera.