my daughter the vampire slayer

Earlier this year a coworker of my husband’s was kind enough to lend us all seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as well as the spin off Angel) on DVD.

I have friends who’ve been into Buffy and Angel for years; I remember thinking that the title sounded ridiculous. Though I do also remember seeing part of an episode once and being struck by some of the memorable dialogue.

Then came Firefly, the gateway drug to all things Whedon. I wrote about it elsewhere.

Anyway, so for a couple months earlier this year, March-Aprilish, we watched Buffy and Angel episodes almost every night. The kids watched some, but mostly did their own thing. As the series progressed, we often would wait until after they were in bed to watch.

So two days ago, my daughter Pandagirl comes in and wakes me up one morning with the question: “Mom? Remember that movie with the pretty girl fighting the monsters and the vampires? Do we have that movie?” We don’t own any of them ourselves, except for the musical episode, so we watched it together.

Ever since then she has been pretending to be Buffy (and has dubbed her little brother Spike).

Today she was drawing (it’s a good thing we have a metric buttload of printer paper) again, and I suggested she draw one of Buffy. Here is the result:


Note the stake in Buffy’s hand; A called it her pointy thing. She’s drawn several more versions; her daddy commented that all the vampires seem to be hot dogs with teeth. To which she replied: “But they’re vampire hot dogs!”


One response to “my daughter the vampire slayer

  1. I *heart* kid drawings!!! SO ADORABLE!!!