celtic aspen

Everyone’s busy with holiday prep, including me of course, so just a meme today. (I’m also busy trying to catch up with the NaNovel… sigh.) (But hee hee, see the new header? I made it myself, my first attempt ever… I’m so proud.  The photo is one I took of a tray of magnetic letters.)

Well… this is pretty accurate. Hm.

You Are An Olive Tree

You’re a warm, kind person, and you always seem to be the mediator.
Balanced and reasonable, people can count on you to be tolerant.
You have a well developed sense of justice – and avoid aggression and violence.
Your idea of a perfect day? Reading in the afternoon sun.
You are cheerful, sensitive, empathetic, and free of jealousy.

What’s Your Celtic Horoscope?

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, all.

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