KoL ~jazz hands~

Find things in the weirdest places. While looking at something random on Wikipedia, I clicked on the entry for Jazz Hands. Amusing. But at the bottom of it, a reference to an online game that also sounded amusing. And is it ever.

It’s called the Kingdom of Loathing. It’s played through your browser, a kind of MUD/RPG game and spoof at the same time. I like:

  • the emphasis on literate speech/typing (in order to be admitted to the chat you must first pass a test administered by the Ghost of Literacy)
  • funny descriptions and references everywhere
  • stick figure graphics! yay!
  • puzzles to solve (and also friendly people, at least in my clan – Snugglemonsters)
  • and best of all – it’s a turn based game, with 40 “adventures” per day. You can extend that somewhat by eating or drinking certain things, etc – but it’s limited. After a while you pretty much have to stop playing until the next day. Which I (obsessive much?) desperately need. I like that it can’t totally take over my time. (I used to MUD a lot in college, for a couple of semesters — way too much, of course. This one is fun but forcibly not all-encompassing.)

3 responses to “KoL ~jazz hands~

  1. You know who introduced me to KoL? None other than Mr. Siefert, on one of my visits to see him out in Illinois.

    Fortunately, I managed to get away without getting hooked. However, I certainly understand the appeal. 🙂

  2. I played KoL for a while; I was a Disco Bandit. Then I also started playing Progress Quest (hee!)

    Maybe I’ll log back in to see what’s new…

  3. I’m glad you found KoL, and I’m sure glad you like Snugglemonsters. And we like you. 😉
    Your clan leader
    Head Thingie in Charge