SPC #14 – black and white

{I like my new header photo. Yes, I took it. Yes, that is a slinky in the branches of a tree. No, I didn’t put it there, I just found it while wandering the apartment complex. Cool.}

February at SPC — go there to see more black and white.

self portrait with wheat carving

This is another found type object, two end of a bedframe that has been sitting out for a couple of weeks now. It’s lovely; I don’t know whose it is or where it came from really. But I always want to feel those carvings.

3 responses to “SPC #14 – black and white

  1. That reminds me of a bed my friend had. A “Rice Bed”. The shealths of rice were supposed to encourage fertility.

  2. Gorgeous image… and I’m in the middle of a very big carb carving, so very suitable.

  3. The header rocks. Keep the slinkie there. It will annoy the neighbors. I love to annoy the neighbors, hence the secret chicken farming experiment in our own backyard.