digi tricks (and treats)

So… ScrapbookPictures.com is having a sale on 12×12 prints till the end of the month ($2.50 each, rather than the usual $5 or so), so I decided I would try them out. Which means I have to finish some 12×12 digital layouts and upload them. [ETA: their multiple upload feature was giving my computer fits when I tried to use it with Firefox. So, probably stick with IE for that.]

Also, I am the queen of non-seasonal scrapbooking, so here is a layout from Halloween of last year. This is the one focusing on our friends and family (as opposed to focusing on my kids’ cute costumes, which will be coming later).


Supplies: Rhonna Farrer: swirl brushes (2 peas), stickers, frame, journaling block; Shabby Princess: title, inking overlay; Scrap Girls: striped paper, spider transparency; Beach, Beach Wide fonts

It’s funny — I have a lot of theoretical scrapbooking knowledge, and digi scrapbooking knowledge specifically, but not always that much actual experience. I learned a lot making this layout. I learned that it’s a lot easier to make single digital pages than lining up separate ones (I must make them on a single, 12×24 canvas in the future). I learned that I need to try putting a very small black line around my photos, in the interest of lessening the “floating” look. I learned how to make torn paper, using some edgings that I actually (gasp!) purchased, though I didn’t put it on this LO (it’s on a work in progress). (I also bought the Rhonna Farrer swirl brushes off 2ps that I’ve been eyeing for so very long, but all the other supplies were freebies — yay! So that makes about $40 I’ve spent total on digi supplies — that includes a year membership at Digi Shop Talk where I get a gorgeous new kit every month — versus… well, let’s just say I’ve definitely spent more than that on paper supplies. [Warning: understatement of the year!])

And I started learning how to actually load and USE brushes (thank you, Scrap Girls tutorials!), which totally rocks. The rotation and so forth just makes me all kinds of happy. So many possibilities.

I’m really very happy with this particular layout, but one other thing I learned (or rather noticed anew) is that every time I finish a digital layout, I always feel let down, a sort of why-did-I-bother feeling, at least for a little while. I think this is probably because I can’t immediately hold it and put it into my albums, so I don’t get to feel that satisfaction. (Though it is a lot easier to post online — no intervening steps of photographing, cropping, etc.) Which means when I do digital I probably need to do more with sharing it online, and definitely have a set schedule for printing these things. Maybe check out the borderless 8.5×11 printing at home, for when I do that size, see how that goes. A good thing to identify, though.


2 responses to “digi tricks (and treats)

  1. Love the spiders all over the layout. It looks great.

    And I have to agree, as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t feel real unless it’s printed out andI canhold it in my hand. I wrote a little tutorial called Printing your Digital Layouts in the Scrapbooking Tips & Techniques category of my blog. You might find it helpful.

  2. Wow, you are sooooooo beyond me in the digi scraping world. Do you have a sample of a printed scrapbook page that you can bring to Memoranza? I’m always interested in the new things you do since I’m a traditional scrapper – not that there’s anything wrong with that – but I do like to see new ideas. 🙂