free uhu samples

I found this on make art every day, which I love. So: if you have a blog, and would like some free UHU, go here.

Brings to mind my childhood years in Germany – we used UHU gluesticks. I can almost smell them now…

uhu samplesThese are the samples they sent me. A liquid glue pen called the Scrapbooker’s Pen, and a Glue Roller.

I haven’t used many tape runners. Mostly just the Herma removable, the Creative Memories ones, and one other a long time ago that drove me nuts with the stringiness, trying to get it to come off onto the paper cleanly. This UHU Glue Roller tape runner thing almost makes me want to try some others. The adhesive is acid and solvent free, and is applied in tiny dots (no stringiness, yay!). It says it is permanent – maybe this means that they make removable as well? The only drawback is that it’s not refillable, which always seems like such a waste to me. I’ve never tried one that was overly hard to refill myself. If they made one refillable I would definitely buy it. As it is, I’m considering getting another when this one runs out — I find myself reaching for it often. It’s easy to control, and nice that you can see how much is left inside.

The other is a liquid glue, the Scrapbooker’s Pen. I was a little more hesitant on this one, as I’m pretty much used to dry glues except for my blue zig pen for doing tiny die cuts. This UHU pen is definitely not for tiny things, but I used it on some of these calendar pages you see below. I was afraid it would curl, but once it dried it wasn’t a problem. I think it would probably be really fabulous for covering things with paper for altered projects (mostly paper to paper though, I don’t know how it would do on plastic or metal). It’ll definitely last longer than the other. It has a cool nozzle that so far has no clogging issues.
These are my first three calendar pages (I cover my free bank calendar pictures with them). I realized that so far I’ve kind of left a photo space in the design, so I may try adding a black and white one from the month. We’ll see. They use words that I picked out for each month of the year. “Present” is my word for the whole year, a la Ali Edwards. “Present” as a state of being, and as an active verb too.

present - jan 07

DCWV paper, a little kraft, the stamps are Making Memories jersey lowercase. “Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the PRESENT.”

love - feb 07

I love stitching. The paper is this fabulous handmade stuff in a pack from Costco. “Where there is great love there are always miracles.” -Willa Cather

balance - mar 07

Hand doodling. The flower/vine paper I’ve had for years, I love it, it looks watercolored. “Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.” -Robert Fulgham


2 responses to “free uhu samples

  1. The calendar looks great Flawyn, THanks for the tip on the glue.

  2. i’ve lost some really great family photos to the monster that is the magnetic photo album.

    i say you have her make you some kind of custom scrapbook tool tote/holder either out of wood or fabric. sounds like you took on quite a project, it’d be nice to get something cool in return.