notes to self (and others, this is a blog after all)

My lovely sister took me to the HUGE scrapbook store around here and I bought a few things, got a couple of beach photos developed, and now have made two scrapbook pages, and the backgrounds for two more (but I think I want to put some different photos on them) and have the stuff for a couple more. In case there was any doubt about my addiction — no, I can’t go a whole month, even on vacation, without scrapping.

However I am lazy and you will have to wait to see the pages themselves. But here are a couple of the beach photos:

I am gearing up to write my Harry Potter Snape theory post soon, BEFORE the last book comes out, fret not. Cuz I know you were fretting. You can admit it, it’s okay.

Two poems I am liking, sad and less. (I must admit that my inner poetry reading voice is always rather somber.)

And in the TMI category: I was on my period when I flew out East, and I will apparently also be on it when I fly back. Jubilee. (Jubilee: an excellent exclamation — read the down through comment number six on this one too. Not a TMI post.)


One response to “notes to self (and others, this is a blog after all)

  1. Great pictures! And I’m jealous! I’ve only been to a beach all of 2 or 3 times in my life. Your kids seem to be eating it up! Did they find any shells to bring home?