I'm already the Bag Lady to some of my friends…

I’ve been hearing about it (and related issues) for a while. First on OMSH. On the news with Ikea and San Francisco and so on. Interesting related discussion here and here as well. Then I read this frankly terrifying article, which I found here.

It’s a lot to consider, a lot to think about. (Especially in conjunction with the 30 Days of Nothing project I was reading about last year.)

So I’ve decided to be semi selfish in my beginning and start officially collecting (and using, yes) tote bags for shopping. Got one from the Boston Aquarium (the “fish zoo,” say my kiddos). One nylon one that folds into a tiny little bag and has been the most useful so far, as I actually have it WITH me when I drop by places. (From Claire’s, in the mall, $1.99, check it out.) One overpriced but pretty brown and pink one from the Chicago Midway airport. There will be sewing, and even some crocheting and knitting. For your benefit (and my reference), here are links to the most promising patterns I’ve found so far:

A vintage crocheted string bag. (I think I’ll try it with larger cotton yarn too.)

Options for knitted string bags: one, two, three.

A couple of sewn tote patterns: one and two (made from scraps). And three and four, if you like.

You can even crochet a bag out of plastic bags — though that probably wouldn’t hold canned goods and such. It’s an option though.

It’s a small step. But a step nonetheless.


2 responses to “I'm already the Bag Lady to some of my friends…

  1. Thanks for the Plastic Ocean article. I’m going to post it to my blog, too. Did you know that endometriosis (related to infertility) has been linked to dioxins, a pollutant that is a side effect of some plastic manufacturing…. pretty soon we’re all going to put two and two together!

  2. We’re right into replacing plastic bags with reusable ones in Australia Falwyn. It’s a trend that’s really caught on big time in the last few years.