Happy birthday to me! Yes, I’m shamelessly announcing it to the world — cuz who else will do it for me? I even put wishlists on my About Me page, gasp. It’s been sort of a birthday week for me: had dinner at the Melting Pot on Thursday with my sweetie (so incredibly tasty — also pricey, but hey, once a year…), scrapbooked at the local sb store on Friday night with friends.

That was so fun — though I was a total freak of nature and actually brought my whole computer along. Yes, my desktop – everything I wanted to scrap was digi, so I juggled things around, unloaded my rolling crate, broke out the fleece throws for padding and just did it. (And had to run home after I set everything up at the LSS, to get the main power cord, figures.) I got so much done, though, and was just so relieved at not having to decide which ridiculous stacks of paper supplies to take with me: it was so fabulous. Normally I hate going “out” to scrap, at least when I’m not prepared enough; this made it so easy. It went so well in fact that now getting a laptop has LEAPT to the very top* of my birthday/other wish list (got it, fairy godmother? let’s go. Actually the one I want is only — haha ONLY — $600).

*(Beaten out only by the prospect of moving. If I had to choose between the two. Which is unlikely, so hey.)

Anyway, here’s one of the layouts I did Friday — it’s actually a 4×6 for my dad’s belated birthday present, I used a kit called Fresh Combo from, and a template from Sweet Shoppe Designs. Shhh, don’t tell him, it’s s’posed to be a surprise.


Had good birthday calls today with my family, lots of Facebook well wishes from friends — and my daughter sang me a birthday song of her own devising when I woke up, while my son sang “Happy durth-bay to you, my mama…” in the light of the donut candles (I like boston and bavarian cream donuts better than cake). Does it get any better?


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  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!