Gumball wishes you a Happy Halloween

Gumball o' Lantern

No, no, the madness has far from ended. Take a look at the whole set if you like: Halloween is currently at the end.

Gumball Halloween mosaic

Read the shirtAbove:  It was SUPPOSED to be a picture of Gumball floating in midair…. 😉

Perhaps November will be the Month of Gumball. If even that would get it out of my system. Ha!

Gumball wishes you a Happy Halloween


3 responses to “Gumball wishes you a Happy Halloween

  1. totally awesome pumpkin and your pictures are really inspiring!

  2. How cute! I couldn’t put that pumpkin outside, either. I don’t think I even took pictures of the ones we painted.

  3. Pumpkin… awesome! You… yes, very talented.