bottom of the barrel?

I’ve got almost nothin’ here people. And my family is calling me to play Candyland. I’m sorry to say that I rather despise Candyland. (Playing Sleeping Queens or Ratatat Cat is much better.) But I will go, after leaving you with this barrel scraping sort of entry.

Go to this page here and listen to the mp3 of The Kidmans. IT’S JUST RIDICULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL. (I know, I know, it’s not Christmas, not even December yet, not even after Thanksgiving. But… is so pretty. Blame the fact that the church choir has to practice for Christmas. Just pretend it’s Greensleeves!)

And finally, see what else I made?

Gumball and friend

No, the mouse is not my pattern, it’s out of the book I can’t stop talking about. Poor thing has no legs at all, but a curly tail! And so cute with the little nose… I got to get more eyes that size, too.


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