baby book planning

So I’m just about ready to start making my son’s baby book. My daughter’s is done, all except a bit of journaling, the last page, and that @#$&^*! ultrasound page, if I can ever find those darn pictures… (I had them, then lost them, then found them again, and now they’re lost again. I’m hoping it will come around again soon so I can put them in her book.) But anyway, it’s done – an 8×8 book of the highlights of her first year: milestones, firsts, all that sort of thing. (Still must scan all the pages.) And now I need to make one for my boy.

Digital of course. Just about everything I do is digital lately. But I am going to get the pages printed separately and put them into a regular album (as opposed to getting it done as a hardbound book, which I thought about) – mostly because I want to use some of the same, special page protectors that I used in my daughter’s, one that opens like a door for the title page, and a couple that open opposite each other to make a four page spread – for the “see how you grow” type layout, with photos each month from newborn to one year. Also so I can include some memorabilia – first haircut, hospital bracelet, etc.

I’ve just about got all my info together for it. Now I’m busy obsessing about the paper/digital kit I want to use. I had one, but it doesn’t have enough blue, and then I got the album, and I sort of want it to go along – it’s pale blue, with some stitching, red ribbon and an extended spine that is patterned – polka dots with red, light blue, dark blue, lime green and orange, on off-white. The problem is that most baby boy kits I find tend to stick to pale blue; they tend not to include red. Hmph. Let me show you some I like (I may end up using a combination… we’ll see):

Love this one, red, blue, green, orange, stars.

More baby-ish. I really love the animal stickers in this. But no red. 😦

This one has cool cars – but I mostly want it for that polka dot paper – looks almost just like the album I have.

This is just cute – love the puppy. And the snail! Dotted paper is perfect, just needs red. Sigh. Why can’t I just find the perfect kit somewhere?? What I should really do is just look through all my stuff and make my own kit from things I already have. Hmph.

Other options (not from SSD; I’m sure you’ve guessed this is why I’m trying to get the discount there this month, especially if I’m going to use more than one kit…): I like the red and pale blue color scheme on this kit

Still thinking… but I want to get started soon.


2 responses to “baby book planning

  1. I find that the baby boy stuff sticks to the pastels and then the older boy stuff will add the red. I really like that first group of stuff. What is it called? A kit? The Alphabet Soup one. That one is cool!

  2. OK, what discount at Sweet Shoppe Designs are you talking about? Is there a secret that I don’t know about? hhhmmm…

    I wonder if you can combine #1 (alphabet soup) and #2 (bundle of boy)? Choice #1 has a similar color of blue as #2 so you could potentially use one of the patterned paper from #2 with some baby elements from #1. What do you think? Am I a genius or what? (that’s a rhetorical question, thank you very much. hehe)