Review: Pregnancy Journal

Let me preface this by saying that NO, this is not an underhanded announcement thing. Not yet anyway.

The Pregnancy Journal: a Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy. By A. Christine Harris. (A review for MotherTalk.)

The Pregnancy Journal – definitely more than just a blank bound book. (Not that I have a problem with those. Except possibly in the needing-a-12-step-program sense. I think I’m in number 38 now… I’ll check that and get back with you.) For some more general reviews I would send you to StorkNet which has nice excerpt-y-ness, or maybe the Amazon page (see the link in the title of the book above). Or my Mothertalk confederates. Here, I’ll just give you my brief personal reactions.

Love the fact that it has a spiral binding. That says to me that it’s really meant to be written in. The paper is rather slick, so you’d probably have to experiment with types of pens, to find one that would work best. But it’s also sturdy paper (and cover) and seems like it’ll last.

There’s not probably really enough writing space for me personally, as I do tend to blather on. But good for someone more inclined to just keep short notes, or for writing notes to expand on elsewhere – and anything that gets people journaling and writing about their lives for their kids is a great thing in my book.

Much of the book is tidbits of info – particularly descriptions of your baby at this stage, on this day, as well as tips, interesting historical and cultural facts about pregnancy and childbirth, and so on. Some of it strikes me as overly clinical – but no more so than the “What to Expect” type books. Educational; and I remember craving that sort of thing, especially during my first pregnancy. Though that said, I think this would be appropriate for not-first pregnancies as well, much more so than some stuff out there (have you looked at those magazines and all? definite target audience there and it sure wasn’t me in my second pregnancy…).

All in all – I’m not sure I would pick it out for myself (I’d be more likely to talk myself out of it in favor of a novel at the bookstore) but if I received it as a gift I’d probably be delighted. Some of the questions and prompts are particularly good.

Now I just have to decide whether to send this to my friend who is pregnant – or save it for myself….


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  2. I had that for my first pregnancy, and I loved it. You’re right, there just isn’t enough writing space for personal notes, although these days, one could probably use it as a prompt for a pregnancy blog…