Little Fox pattern

ETA 11/30: The ear section in particular is a bit tricky. I am editing the instructions slightly, and will be adding have added a video. If you have more questions or troubleshooting,  please, leave me a comment! (Or, hey, even if you just like it…)

At last, the pattern! It works up quite small – he rests in the palm of your hand. (I’ll try to add a photo to make the scale clear.) I tested it making a pink fox for my daughter – perhaps I will add a pic later. Let me know if there are mistakes, or I need to clarify. Feel free to make many little foxes – and please, I’d love to see photos! – but please do not copy the pattern to your own site – leave a link instead. Also, please do not sell the pattern, nor make them and sell them online. Thanks.

Little Fox
By me! S. J. Montgomery

amigurumi fox

  • 3.0 mm hook
  • Soft acrylic worsted weight yarn, red and a small amount of white
  • small amount of fiberfill
  • 6 mm safety eyes, 7 mm triangle safety nose; or black perle cotton or embroidery thread for embroidering nose and eyes
  • yarn needle

Stitches used:

  • Magic ring
  • inc = increase
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • f.l. = front loop
  • invdec = invisible decrease
  • four loop bobble (in feet): (Yarn over hook and insert hook into stitch; yo and pull up a loop; yo and pull the yarn through 2 loops) repeat this 3 times into the same stitch – you will have 4 loops on your hook. YO and pull through all 4 loops. Here is a nice video tutorial; this site also has a few pictures.

Please note: normally I suggest, when making amigurumi, alternating the pattern a little to avoid lines, i.e. if the pattern of the round is (1 + inc) around and the next is (2 + inc) around, I would say alternate whether you start with the 1 sc or the inc, so as to avoid a line where all the inc are lined up. HOWEVER, in the head part of this pattern, it is important to follow the instructions so as to get the proper shaping. In the body and tail you may want to try the alternating I talked about above.

Head & Body

1. 4 sc in magic ring
2. inc every stitch (8)
3. sc around (8)
4. 2 sc, 3 inc, 3 sc (11) [insert nose]
5. 2 sc, (1 sc, inc) 3 times, 3 sc (14)
6. inc, 2 sc, (inc, 1 sc) 4 times, 3 sc (19) [place eyes between rounds 5 & 6 where the head widens (opposite your starting st), 6 st apart. You can wait until you make the ears before inserting them.]
7. sc around

Making the ears, they are worked as part of the head. [If you have trouble, look in the comments/ask a question there for help, or try the new video tutorial. Also embedded at the bottom of the post.]

8. 6 sc, (sc into front loop of st above eye, ch 3, skip 1st ch, 2 sc [down chain], sc into f.l. next head st of rnd; turn [work up ear], sc, sl st; turn [work down ear], sl st, sl st into f.l. of next head st) 3 sl st in f.l. of next 3 sts in round; repeat parentheses once, 4 sc
9. sc around (through back loops of ear sections) (19)
10. invdec, 2 sc, invdec, 2 sc, 2 invdec, 2 sc, invdec, sc, invdec [goes one st into next row, move marker for new starting stitch] (12)
11. sc, 2 inc, 7 sc, 3 inc (18)
12. (2 inc, 2 sc) 4 times, 2 sc (26)
13-17.   sc around
18. (2 sc, dec) around, 2 sc (17)
19. sc around
20. (invdec, sc) around, invdec (13)

Stuff head & body firmly.

21. 6 invdec, one st left (7)

Drawstring (using needle, weave yarn tail through front loop of each stitch and pull tight) closed.


Start with white.

1. 3 sc in ring
2. inc around (6)

Switch colors.

3. (1 sc + inc) around (9)
4. (1 sc + inc) around (13)
5-8. sc around
9. (1 sc + invdec) around, 1 sc (9)
10. (1 sc + invdec) around (6)

Stuff lightly.

11. invdec around (3)

Drawstring closed. Leave long tail of yarn, sew to body.

Legs (make 4)

1. 5 sc in ring
2. 2 sc, bobble, 2 sc
3. sc around
4. sc around, attach with sl st to next st.

Tuck tail from magic ring into foot. Leave long tail of yarn, sew to body.

he wants to play {24/366}

11 responses to “Little Fox pattern

  1. Such a cute pattern!
    I’m definitely making one over the holidays, thanks so much for the pattern. How little is he?

  2. Thanks! He’s pretty small – sits in the palm of my hand. I’ll post a photo soon that shows the scale better.

  3. I just started this wonderful pattern, I want to give some to my family for christmas. (our family name is ‘the fox’ in dutch)
    I’m having some trouble with the ear section. Difficult to explain 🙂
    When I make the ch3 and follow the instructions, I end up with something that does not look like an ear. And I just kind of guessed where to put the eye, because I couldn’t really see the body widening yet. If you can help me, that would be great because I need a little army of cute foxes!


  4. Hi Louise! Thanks for writing – I know the ear section is tricky, so I hope I can make it clearer.

    You can wait on putting in the eyes until after you make the ears, then they’ll go below (in front of) the ears. (Probably referring to the picture would be the best thing for that.)

    As far as the ears go, the trick is that you’re working back down the chain to fill out the triangle part. So you sc into the front loop of the stitch on the round, then chain 3, then go back down that chain, skipping 1 chain and sc into both the others. Then extend the bottom of the ear by sc into the front loop of the next stitch in the round, then turn the work around and sc back up the part that started with the chain – the tallest part of the ear I guess. But only sc once, then sl st – that leaves the end a little pointy – and then turn back to normal and sl st back down the ear and into the next st in the round. Then 3 sl st in the front loops (forgot that in the instructions, I’ll edit it) of the next 3 sts across the top of the head, and do it all again for the second ear.

    I hope the video I made for this is helpful. 🙂

  5. OMG, this little guy is unbearably adorable! Do you have an Etsy shop???

  6. I love this fox ! Thanks for the pattern

  7. This is soooo cute – can’t wait to make one up!

  8. I love the pattern, the fox is so cute. I can’t wait to try it. I have looked all over for a 3.0 mm hook and cannot find one. All I have been able to find was 2.75 mm and 3.25 mm.

  9. He is soooooooooo cute! I made one for my dad and he loved it. I’m working on a pattern so he turns out bigger. He’s pretty small. Thanks for the awesome pattern!

  10. Oh my gosh its so cute! I’m just starting amigurumi and I can’t wait to try this pattern!!! Thanks for posting it (and the ear tutorial)!

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