so… how’s your year been so far? (part 1)

Badge by Elizabeth at ScarletWords.

Here I am, back for another year of National Blog Posting Month. It may be a momentous one for my personal blogging… we’ll talk about that later.

So… how’s YOUR year been so far? Mine’s been – about five posts apparently, for all you know. And now a new (interweb) locale! (Mostly because it’s so much simpler to have the title and the url of my blog actually match.) My blog life is astonishingly simple, it seems. Or else mysterious. Blog of mystery!

Not so much the real life. I have various posts in the works – from the crafty to the random to the personal update – and have been choosing promising photos to share, just with you! Don’t you feel special!

I’m tempted to just give you one giant personal update, spanning the whole Year So Far. Let’s see…


01 01 09 236_edited-1 copy
Photographed pretty people.

my purty necklace
Got a set of macro filters which I tried out, primarily on Christmas ornaments, but also on my pretty new necklace, custom made by my friend at Care-vel Creations [link coming soon].

01 25 09 021
Flew to Idaho where I said goodbye to my grandfather and attended his funeral. I can’t give enough thanks to my husband, family and friends down here who made it possible for me to go.


contemplative tree frog
Made an awesome frog for my friend’s birthday (here she is at Bright New Morn; I may have created a monster). The frog pattern is from Roman Sock here.

02 10 09 028
Snow! good heavens!

02 12 09 038
Visited family back East.


with Grannie-great
My grandmother visited.

Fell off the Photo365 wagon – yet again. There’s something about the three month mark. I will definitely have to address this if I want to actually finish this next year. (I got ahold of one of Becky Higgins’ Project 365 scrapbooking kits, so that’s the plan next year.)


house fire down the street
House down the street burned to the ground.

legos for Easter
Visited family in St. George for Easter.

Cut lots of my hair off.


Started writing story for workshop application.

04 30 09 006
Grandma came to visit again.

Desert Museum
Visited Desert Museum (it’s more of a zoo in some respects).


Gardening: bought some plants (squash, tomato, basil, some other herbs) and started a little garden for the first time in my life. And believe you me – if I’d known how INCREDIBLE fresh basil is, I would’ve had a plant in a pot YEARS ago.

06 06 09 025
Dance recital (me and my daughter) – I did part of the thriller… but there is no evidence. Muahaha. Or at least none you will see here.

the whole week was like this
Kitten sitting. We took care of a friend’s kitten for a week. So, for a week, I had a sweet little orange neck warmer. Never doing it again. My heart was way too broken when the time came to give her up.

Well, we will have to have a part two for the second half of the year, because all these photos take terribly long for me to put up. (PLEASE – Does anyone out there have any suggestions for streamlining the process? It’s rather discouraging for my blogging generally.)

Happy BloPping everyone.


2 responses to “so… how’s your year been so far? (part 1)

  1. Yippee Skippee! A post a day from you! Where DID you get that NaBloPoMo button/link? I am stealing it for my blog too–hee hee

  2. Isn’t it pretty? I’m so glad you’re blopping too. 🙂 Or whatever you want to call it.