year so far (part 2)

The update continues! For those who care!


Hubby’s birthday – ice cream sundaes!

camo gumball!
Received a fabulous PIF from Bethany Actually. Will do that post a little later this month.

End of the month, flew out east again.


OSC Writing Class 2009
Writing class with Orson Scott Card. I didn’t  get into the workshop, but decided to go to the (open to all) class portion anyway. It was a good class, much of it based on his writing books (which I totally recommend). Maybe I’ll write more about it later.

Returned home.

Started homeschool again.


the hordes
Daughter had a birthday. I planned a Popple themed party, and had to be all insane and make little felt Popple toys for all NINE of the children. A veritable army, as you can see.

Then I had a birthday – turned 30. My oh my.

r.i.p. Clinton Flake 1981-2009
The very end of September my cousin Clinton died. He had been battling colon cancer (even though he was only 28). I’m glad I got to see him in July (this photo). Even more, I was deeply touched and sad and honored – he and his wife (she introduced me and my husband) called the night before he died, and I got to talk to him a little and say goodbye.


Clinton’s funeral.

Family and I were sick most of the month (two weeks, plus the week before when I was freaking LAMED by a bee sting on my toe, see my pathetic Twitter complaining).

Trip to apple farm. Kids had a great time picking… I have photos but they’re still on my SD card – I’m having backup ISSUES and haven’t loaded them to my computer yet.

Other things I’ve been doing:

12 of 12 project – every month, yay! I’m even catching up on the scrapbook pages portion of it lately.

Too much shopping on Amazon. Sigh.

My new calling at church is sign language interpreting. Much preferable to teaching the five year olds, which was my assignment before, even though it’s been a LONG time since I used my sign, and I’d actually never interpreted before. It’s quite a challenge, but I’m glad to get the chance.

Phew. So, now you know some of what I’ve been up to this year. We’ll move on to Halloween next time. 🙂


2 responses to “year so far (part 2)

  1. Hey, you’re blogging again! And there’s the crazy ghost Gumball mug, yay!

    How did I miss your twitters about doing NaBloPoMo? I know I follow you on twitter. Hm, who knows. Point is, now I know you’re back! Welcome. 🙂

  2. Why yes, here I am! And thank you. 🙂 Guess I should’ve announced it better. 🙂