today, so far

Feeling overwhelmed and adrift. Not that this is an unknown, or even unusual sensation for me. But today I’ll try cataloging a little of what I have done…

  • Made “6 week Bran Muffins” – the batter, and a dozen muffins. The remainder of the batter goes into the frig to be used later. I overcooked them by I’m not sure how long, but they still seem fairly tasty. Recipe from Owlhaven‘s Family Feasts book.
  • Called my mom to consult on kid constipation issues. Made brown rice and veggies for children and me. (Ah, simplicity!) Talked about other health things. Sigh.
  • Washed dishes. By hand! Big ones that don’t fit so well into the dishwasher.
  • Ate some of the pumpkin seeds I roasted yesterday. They taste rather like popcorn.
  • Read some blogs.
  • Put some photos on my computer (ongoing).
  • Listened to my kids “playing Pokemon.” It’s like the perfect game for them – my daughter plays the role of all the pokemon (which are animals as far as she’s concerned), my son wears his Indy costume and carries a plastic ball as his pokeball, and I eavesdrop and try not to bust out laughing when they do the “pokedex” computer-ish voice, but making up all their own details.

Other things to do:

  • Deal with the apples we picked last week before they go bad, dangit.
  • Homeschool (how to do this plus everything else? or anything else? how to become a better multitasker, or at least a more focused tasker, period. Getting off the computer would probably be step one.)
  • Clean the disaster zone house. (We kept it clean for like a week – maybe even two! Then we got sick.)
  • Dinner (why so onerous?)
  • Daughter to dance class later.

It looks a little better than it feels. Though I feel a little better at present. Which is a good change – sometimes I blog and just feel worse from all the negativity I’m trying not to spew onto the interwebs. Because who really wants to read that?

P.S. I absolutely ADORE this List. You must check it out.


2 responses to “today, so far

  1. We’re doin’ good so far, woman.

  2. Well, we’re still alive, so…. 🙂