apparently the theme of the month is: IRL

Yesterday was (inter)National Digital Scrapbooking Day. And of course I couldn’t do any. I know I keep whining about it, but I feel horribly lost without my photos and supplies on here. It sucks.


  • photo shoot with neighbors
  • crockpot dinner (ground turkey cabbage rolls, really tasty)
  • making apple bread with my daughter
  • my son dressed as Indiana Jones most of the time he was home
  • I came home early from church and napped
  • my sense of time is confused


  • get up early yet again to take husband to work so I can have the car
  • school in the morning
  • drive to the city for dentist appointments
  • maybe get more interfacing for sewing my purses?
  • city shopping? blah
  • try to stop obsessing over computer troubles

P.S. I should donate a prize to NaBloPoMo for those of us who blog 29 days this month.


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