bullet points of randomness

[from here, via Owlhaven. LONG AGO.]

Tomorrow: no appointments, which is a welcome change from visits and dentist and other such things lately

Feeling: rather like a failure today

Happy Because: I have interfacing now (thanks B!) and will perhaps finally be able to do the bags I’ve been yearning to sew.

Today I: visited with people, and ate a tasty BLT for lunch.

Laundry: is not veering out of control as of yet

Something I know: dinner is not going to make itself

Currently reading:  Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (I think I need to stop; I’ve read it before, but it’s not a good time now); The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Wanting: To get my backup/restore DVDs and try to get my computer life together again

Favorite gadget: I’m a little burned out on “gadgets” of late (i.e. technology crashing on me); maybe the wrist cord and carabiner on my keys?

Thankful that: my friend took the girls to dance tonight

Wondering why: I struggle so hard with recovering from a “crash” – whether large or small. Als0 – why didn’t I post yesterday?

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