I actually won a game of Hearts just now. Incredible! And I went about 10 hands without getting any points, and ended up with 26, and first place! Usually I lose miserably at that game, yet I keep playing. Go figure.

I am stalled on the bag I’m trying to make. Because I want to make an adjustable strap, foolish mortal, I. And apparently neither Walmart nor Joann’s approve of buckles, especially tongueless ones. There are a couple of other places I can try but they are far away in the city and I want my bag NOW. Whine whine. I may be forced to work something out with buttons. Hmmm. Since it’s custom made and all, that might work. Wish I could find the manual for my sewing machine though, and learn how to how to actually make a proper buttonhole with it.

The restore disks are supposed to be delivered tomorrow. So we shall see if I can get my scrapping life back together.

School went much better today, quite a relief.

I love the movie Up. Apparently I am drawn to whimsy. Also I like the word, “whimsy.” Whimsy. Whimsy. Great word.

I wonder if I can put a poll on here. I want to do a poll about whether y’all (my three loyal readers) prefer this real life stuff, or whether you’re thinking, “Good grief, last year’s NaBloPoMo was so much better on here, what’s all this talk of reality??” Whether I figure out a poll or not, you can always give me your opinion in the comments. 🙂

P.S. If you are reading this late tonight – you may want to read again fairly early tomorrow. I’m just saying. You might be glad you did.


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