Pay It Forward – Craft Edition

camo gumball!
I got an incredibly awesome PIF from the wildly talented Bethany Actually – this rocking Gumball mug. It’s camouflage Gumball! It makes me deeply happy. [Please note that I don’t do pottery, so the chances of you getting a mug from me are slim to none.]

So now, at last I’m paying it forward myself – Pay it Forward – The Blog Edition. Here’s how it works:

  1. Be one of the first 3 people with a blog (or Flickr or Twitter or Facebook account maybe; but preferably blog) to leave a comment on this post, and I will send you a handmade gift within 365 days!
  2. You then need to post the Pay It Forward challenge on your own blog and make a gift also for your first 3 commenters and so on it goes.

You can make anything you want for your PIF. I don’t know yet what I’ll make for you, should you be one of the first three (though feel free to make suggestions, no promises on those though). It could be sewn, crocheted, or scrapbook-ish; possibly Gumball related, possibly not; I might even think of writing you a personalized poem. We shall see.

Ready, set, go!

P.S. In keeping with the real life theme of the month, may I just say that if an office says it will be open at 9, it should really be open at 9. Especially when they CLAIM to want my money. So there.

2 responses to “Pay It Forward – Craft Edition

  1. Hmmm . . . I’ve got a blog that I haven’t posted to in years, a Flickr account I post to regularly, and a Facebook account that’s so-so. So if any of those count, you can include me in your first three!

    And I would love anything Sam-ish. Especially something I could take with me on my travels and photograph a-la the traveling gnome. I’ve always thought that would be nifty, but I’ve never found anything sufficiently unique.

    Also, hi!

  2. Hi there. 🙂

    No blog is okay, as long as you have a way (I think Facebook would work well) that you can pay-it-forward in a similar fashion to this post. You can definitely qualify. I will email you shortly to get your address and all that jazz… 🙂