Yes, I got my backup in the mail (on a portable hard drive, actually) and am working on getting my computer life back in order.

[Imagine there is a photo here… if I were to the point of uploading photos again yet. Soon, soon.]

So far I am making progress… there is definitely some finagling to be done, and I will be trying to get some stuff off of my old drive (or else crying to a couple of digi supply shops to reset my purchase download links for me – not ALL, just a few recent ones). There may be some stuff that I’m missing and don’t realize. But so far (I say EXTREMELY tentatively) it looks like I haven’t lost any photos to speak of. Which is DEFINITELY a HUGE relief. Beyond huge.

Tomorrow, if most other things are straightened out, I will start transferring last month’s photos (which luckily are safe on camera cards) back onto my new portable hard drive, and so on. Then I will immediately back it up to the other hard drive (a whole terabyte! woohoo!) that we got just for backup. Not a good month for ye olde budget.

THEN you can see Halloween photos! Aren’t you just thrilled?! Perhaps I will do nothing but photos the rest of the month in celebration! Hmm. Unlikely.

What definitely WILL be happening a lot the rest of this month is digiscrapping. There’s nothing like not being able to do something to make you crave doing it. Not to mention – I’ve been trying to make a few little scrapbook things to sell at a coming craft fair – mini albums, tiny albums for ornaments, gratitude and Christmas albums, etc. (Making extensive use of my MA-SHEEN – which is what I call the Bind-It-All I got for my birthday.) Plus trying to start getting my Daily December album together (ala Ali Edwards).

And let me tell you – it is PaperScrapping: 2, Me: 0. Unless you’re counting by damage done, in which case the score is the other way around entirely. I have broken not one, but TWO heavy duty scrapbooking tools so far this weekend – my Making Memories trimmer (which now shreds and mauls paper instead of cutting it nice ‘n’ straight, though to be honest, it had issues with that before; but at least it didn’t CHEW UP the paper then), and my Round It All, which is a heavy-duty corner rounder. A piece of transparency got stuck in it and it was a bad scene all around. Thankfully, my husband was able to (eventually) fix the latter, but the trimmer may be a hopeless case.

I feel rather defeated by the paper (oh, is THIS why I like digi now?), though, again in the interests of full disclosure, it’s less because of struggles with tools and more because I have no place for it all. At present I’m spread out over most of the couch and my kids’ folding table. I don’t know where to find ANYTHING, much of it is still in boxes anyway, and the general frustration is just making me nuts. Though, evidently, not quite nuts enough (YET) to make me sell all my paper stuff, nor to curb the desire to work with actual paper which has been growing over the past few months. (Ever since I got most of my photos scanned – I think having a digital copy of them makes me feel free to actually scrap them now.)

Desire + (Intense Frustration with the Lack of Accessibility)^2 definitely = Teh Crazy. As if I need help with that….

Well, it’s past time for bed, so I’ll let the computer do its recovery thang and will see you tomorrow. Poll coming soon!

I contacted Making Memories and they sent me a replacement trimmer, no problem. Very awesome.


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