NaBloPoMo 09: Quoted, edition 1

Actually, these are from last year. And yet they are still funny! So here you are.

From a recipe for Praline Sweet Potato Pie:

It does contain a fair amount of butter and sugar, but that is clearly canceled out by the inclusion of vitamin-rich sweet potatoes and antioxidant-loaded pecans. IT’S SIMPLE SCIENCE, PEOPLE. I DON’T MAKE THE RULES.

From a really old entry, but so funny:

Strange creatures, teenage girls. One minute they’re all “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy… look at THIS!” like they’re still three years old and in the next breath their eyes are rolled so far back in their heads you’re wondering if you should get them medical attention.
Y’know, if I ever *do* call for a medic, I think I’ll see if they can surgically remove that phone from her head while they’re here.

From amalah, on cooking Thanksgiving dinner at home:

Although I dunno. I’m pretty tired; couldn’t I just skip the cooking part and just eat sticks of butter directly out of the package?

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