Thanksgiving songs

So I want to make a Thanksgiving mix, or something. Got suggestions? Here’s my (probably quite traditional) ideas so far:

  1. Because I Have Been Given Much (lovely version here on youtube)
  2. I Have Been Blessed, Martina McBride
  3. Thank You and/or Wonder, Natalie Merchant
  4. Little Wonders, Rob Thomas
  5. Alice’s Restaurant (classic!), Arlo Guthrie
  6. Simple Gifts
  7. Eat It, Weird Al (ho ho ho)
  8. For the Beauty of the Earth
  9. Come Ye Thankful People Come
  10. We Gather Together
  11. These Are Days, 10,000 Maniacs
  12. Thankful Heart, Veggietales!
  13. Better Together, Jack Johnson
  14. Just Another Day in Paradise, Phil Vassar
  15. If You Listen, Elizabeth Mitchell

Maybe some Aaron Copeland; also I love the track Thanksgiving on George Winston’s December album, though it’s melancholy.

And while we’re at it, what about Thanksgiving movies? Charlie Brown, of course, but what else? I think of Homeward Bound as a Thanksgiving movie because of the end (“TURKEY!!!”), and Veggietales’ Madame Blueberry definitely fits the bill (I LOVE that one, just by the way. The butterfly of happiness cannot live in your house if it’s too full of Stuff!). What else? It’s A Wonderful Life is at least as much a giving thanks movie as a Christmas one.

Anyway, who has suggestions? Movies and songs. Let’s hear ’em.



One response to “Thanksgiving songs

  1. Thanksgiving songs are hard to come by. I wrote one too.