talking to myself again

Most definitely.

So. How’s your food-induced coma coming along? Mine’s fine. I’ve been enjoying some amazing shortbread cookies (Shortbread buttons from Trader Joe’s – good gracious they’re good), as well as leftovers of course.

I’ve been working on clearing the house, preparing for Christmas decorating, talking to my dad and sister, watching some Notting Hill. Also putting together an advent calendar (post forthcoming) and sorting magazines.

So much always going on in my head lately. Too much planning… or not enough? I think my problem with planning is I don’t know what IS enough. Too much procrastination in my past, so I know about no preparation, but when I try to be on the ball I overthink and overwork and overplan things. I don’t know how much planning is enough, so I don’t know when to stop, so then I don’t stop. And consequently, often don’t start because the prospect of never stopping is so daunting. (Not to mention anxiety-inducing.)

I’m thinking about taking my blog down. Did I mention? Or passwording it. Or giving it up altogether. Or possibly writing every other day for a few more months. I am nothing if not extreme.


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