advent calendar

advent calendar

I got this Karen Foster countdown calendar to make a Christmas advent/countdown calendar. (Oddly, you can buy it at, as well as and the place I actually got it. Which was… I don’t remember. Somewhere online.) The black number stickers were included. The drawers are about 1.5″ square – very little – and it was tricky to cover them with paper, even though the back of the packaging has a template to use.

The trick (I use the term loosely) that seemed to work for me was to use a 1.5″ square punch (I used my Creative Memories one) to cut a square, then trim two edges off it – just a tiny bit, to make it about 1 and 3/8ths square (I wanted a small border of white around the edges of mine). Then I used the template to trace the notch onto the back of my square – but didn’t cut on that line (I couldn’t get it nice and smooth). Instead I used my smaller circle Creative Memories punch (the one with the 1″ and 3/4″ circles) and, using the 3/4″ circle, upside down (so I could see the paper), held the square inside and cut the notch with that. Worked like a charm. So that’s my tip.

advent calendar drawer

I like how it came out. It’s filled withe hershey kisses and ready. If I were doing it again, I might make more boxes with just the circle of paper and the number. Cuz I like it to be simple. But I like it.


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