favorite tweets, part 1

With little time left before bed, and less to say, let me share a few of my favorite tweets. Looking them over has made me smile today….

Darth Vader  Glad Halloween is over. Hard to be intimidating when there’s a 3ft version of you on every street in America.

Anissa Mayhew  There is a word that rhymes with “orange”. Chuck Norris knows it. (Bwahahaha)(wipes tears)(has to pee)

velocibadgerGRL Sorry, kid. I did / not realize your clothes were / made of scorpions

Then the calm movie lines series:

Arienne Davey  Spartans! Tonight we dine in… a quaint little cafe with exquisite salads. Try the fish! /via @

  chelediforza  Oh gosh, it appears that I am melting.
  jtlevy  I made him an offer that he probably finds very tempting.
  Sam Stuffed Gorilla  “Goblin King, Goblin King, wherever you may be, I could use some help with babysitting.”
  Frank Pallotta  I am standing at the front of this boat.
  Jimmie  “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. But I never really liked him anyway, so we’re cool.”
  Scott Cochrane  @ I must refuse your demand, for that is not the way things are done in this, the city of Sparta.
  Jim Pagels  “I believe I may have reached the limits of my patience in regard to the number of snakes on this plane.”
And finally:
 lainehmann lainehmann “Change is never a matter of ability; it’s always a matter of motivation.” @tonyrobbins  

2 responses to “favorite tweets, part 1

  1. I had to comment that in the Barenaked Ladies song “Four Seconds”, from their most recent album (the first one without Steven Page, boohoo), Ed Robertson rhymes the word “orange” twice. 🙂

  2. Leave it to BNL. 🙂