life update, in words

Well, nearly a year off from this blog has not magically resolved my previously mentioned issues with blogging. I haven’t been reading other blogs very regularly either. I fear I have come to no decisions. (Except to do NaBloPoMo this year?) It’s hard to escape the feeling that (well, after a year, duh!) no one really cares. The question, the REAL question is – do I?

ANYWAY, how about a life update? I will indulge your curiosity! The hypothetical you! 🙂

  • Have been doing a P365 project. I’m most of the summer behind with assembly, but hey, still going. That’s exciting.
  • I’m about fifty pounds lighter than I was this time last year. I want to want to exercise more. But – progress is good.
  • In a wild turn of events – we have purchased our first house! Next door to where we were living before even. It was a complicated process (is it always?) partly because we ended up getting it at auction. The really wild part is that most of it happened while I wasn’t even in the state. Anyway, I am liking living here thus far. We have some projects to do (which is wild for me, having lived in rented houses most of my life and never having even painted a wall), not the least of which is unpacking and finding a home for everything. But it’s a beautiful house (in my opinion) and we have lots of space. Very, very exciting (plus we also have acquired a minivan… oh how I adore having a car!).
  • I’ve been interpreting ASL at church for most? all? of this year. I think I started the end of last year? Maybe just before Christmas? ANYWAY, regardless, I enjoy it. I’m not super awesome at it yet (I need more practice), but I find it fascinating. (Certainly preferable to teaching 5 year olds. Oops, did I say that out loud?)
  • My children keep growing. What is UP with that?

So, those are the highlights, I think. Some things change, some don’t, some haven’t yet. I will provide you with some photo highlights soon.


One response to “life update, in words

  1. Yay on the weight loss! That is awesome!:-)

    I am still doing my 365 but here it is November and I have only uploaded up to April! I have not even finished uploading all my photos from last year’s project.