I have some Thoughts in the works, but it’s practically tomorrow, so I’ll just share a slice of my list for now…

  • drive to the City
  • Costco
  • deliver gift and photo disc
  • pick up shower thingie from friend & visit
  • check out Joann’s? if only my printer worked so I could print coupons…
  • find stupid plot book, doggone it
  • work on plotting a novel (that’s my goal this month, rather than quite NaNoWriMo-ing it)
  • make veggie lasagna
  • have friends over – hang out and play some games, perhaps
  • perhaps do a small amount of online shopping and digiscrapping in honor of Digital Scrapbook Day
  • finish the aforementioned Thoughtful Post and put it up here

Well, I’m sure there’s more, but no need to tax your patience. Till tomorrow.


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