chore chart

How about some crafty-ness? Since clearly I’ve been majorly uninspired the last few days.

Similar to (or at least, inspired by) this one by Kerflop at Balancing Everything. Just not as pretty.

Sorry I don’t have lots of actually good photographs of this. Not this time. I will have to mostly describe.

chore chart

I sewed simple pockets of remnant fabric. (I used some medium weight interfacing on them, then visited a friend’s house to use her serger on the edges.) At the moment they’re (obviously) just pinned to a cork board with index card labels. (Maybe I’ll cover it with fabric eventually?)

Here’s an example of the chore cards:
chore cards

I used my digital scrapbooking supplies to make cards (particularly this kit here by Jacque Larsen and Kate Hadfield). (Pamela Donnis also has some cute stuff, and some premade routine cards that could help with this perhaps.) I made a new 4×6 document and made the color part in the middle 3×5″ in case I wanted to cut them down and use them in conjunction with 3×5 cards. Which I haven’t yet, and probably won’t bother. And I printed them all as 4×6 photos (cuz hey, 6 cents per print on Winkflash, can’t argue). I can also use 4×6 index cards with them, if I just want to write something on.

Now to find a place to hang it, and actually use it!


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