sharing an elf

I first heard about magic elves a couple years ago on Marci’s blog here. I love how she blogs about their adventures. She has elves from Elf Magic. We did that last year too, and it was awesome – I will put together a couple of posts about it this week, since I didn’t last year.

However, I also felt moved last year to make an elf and share it with A’s best friend (and her mom), so here’s some pictures of that.

christmas elf

I used this pattern here, on Make Baby Stuff. (Elf Magic elves are about 10 inches high, very little, can wear Barbie doll-ish sized clothes. This pattern came out 16? 18? 20? inches high and much bigger around. Later I made some clothes – crochet shawl, used a knifty knitter loom to make a dress – for her.)

I think it came out awesome. Best face I’ve ever embroidered, that’s for sure. And I’m frankly in love with my pointy ears there.

elf hairelf ear detailchristmas elf

The trickiest part about the pattern (besides doing the hair, which is not actually tricky, I just dislike doing it) is sewing it with the legs and arms inside. Beware stuffing your appendages too firmly! At least if you widen them like I did – I feared they would be too skinny as-was, but it was a bear sewing the thing together. Next time I may leave the bottom open instead of the head – it was that skinny neck causing the issues. Also I sewed the arms too far down – they should be right below the neck really. Elves are apparently not proportioned like us. I used all remnant fabric, yay! But the peach colored one particularly is a bit on the thin side. Don’t know exactly how to fix that, short of using different fabric… double the layer? Light interfacing? Both? We’ll see. I plan to make a few more of these (ragdolls, not elves), so I’ll have to try different solutions.

christmas elf


3 responses to “sharing an elf

  1. She’s adorable! I look forward to seeing her sisters. 🙂

  2. I think I’ll make this, but with Link-style clothing. Thanks!

  3. How cute! I would also like to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration 😉