Pikachu hat

Remember this Pokemon?

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We found the Pikachu suit at Goodwill. Both my kids being Pokemon fans, there was some discussion over who would get to wear it, but my daughter conceded in favor of her former idea, a blue fairy, courtesy of her dance recital costume and some wings and a wand from Walmart. (Exactly the right color too!)

Meanwhile we needed to finish out the Pikachu costume, so I bought some fleece in the appropriate colors and started googling.

Shockingly, I didn’t find an actual pattern specifically for a Pikachu hat (seriously, I was actually a little surprised). But there are plenty of tutorials out there for fleece hats, and even hats with ears added. I mostly used this one and a couple of reference pictures.

Here’s the finished product:

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When I do it again (my daughter is begging for a fox hat), I will probably alter the height of the triangles a little – my kids and I have freakishly large heads, I fear. Also, be sure to cut the band the right way – I cut mine along the non-stretch and had to pick it out and replace it. Whoops.

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