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SPC #15 – toe ring

SPC, black and white month.

toe ring

Used a bit of unsharp mask on this – I like how the ring came out. It’s a toe ring I’ve worn (every day) since 1996 or ’97. I should really imbue it with a deeper meaning… I’ll think about that.


SPC #14 – black and white

{I like my new header photo. Yes, I took it. Yes, that is a slinky in the branches of a tree. No, I didn’t put it there, I just found it while wandering the apartment complex. Cool.}

February at SPC — go there to see more black and white.

self portrait with wheat carving

This is another found type object, two end of a bedframe that has been sitting out for a couple of weeks now. It’s lovely; I don’t know whose it is or where it came from really. But I always want to feel those carvings.

SPC #13 – 183 {01-1}


This month at self portrait challenge: photograph your resolutions. (Go there to see more.)

Last year one of the few formal resolutions/goals I made at the beginning of the year was to do 120 scrapbook pages.

It feels ridiculously good to be able to say that I met that goal. In fact, I did 130! (Makes up for the 50 out of 60 I finished in 2005.)

So, this year, I’m upping my goal (and also adding a few extra guidelines).

Scrapbook Page Goal for 2007: 183 pages (that’s half of 365), which is 15-16 pages per month. I’d like to have at least one month where I do 25+ pages (last year I had one month where I did 22, and two where I did 24, so I’d like to push past that for at least one month this year). For my purposes, a “page” is anything 6×6 or larger; in the case of slip-in photo pages, it depends on how much work I did on them (like on journaling cards, cropping, etc.), but for the most part a whole spread will count as one page.

The addendum: These 183 pages must be for us, our family, staying in our house. See of the 130 last year, I’d say more than half probably were in the gift albums for the great-grandparents. This is great, obviously; but I’d also like to finish some things for my own kids (and me!) to look at. (The only exception to this is the heritage album I’m working on, which will be included in the page count; technically it belongs to my father-in-law but by golly he IS going to will it to us, so I’ll count it.)

Do you have any scrapbooking goals this year? Or other creative goals? Or other goals, of any type?


SPC #12 – red and red

Haven’t SPCed in a while, so I’m sticking a toe in for the last week of Red. In my fabulous black velvet dress, with a red scarf… See more here.


SPC #11 – winged

November Self Portrait Challenge — Glam. (Go there for some really fabulous shots this month, including this, this, and this from this week.)

First I felt like I didn’t understand the theme (it’s true, I’m still rather pop music illiterate)… then I felt like it was about the furthest thing from my current life. Or possibly my life ever. Glamorous has never been an adjective I would associate with myself.

But, I’m giving it a try. I attempted a bit of symbolism this time around — apply it as you will.

111406_042 copy2

111406_047 copy

My comments: yay, Halloween costumes 50% off. I put more staging effort into this one than I ever have so far. I wish I’d closed my eyes for the first one. I’ve also decided that I really must have a tripod and a remote thingie (detonator? that can’t be right…); it would make these things a lot easier, though I do appreciate my 4 year old helping me. And for those who’ve asked: to get the spot color, I used this technique here on it, plus a little diffuse glow filter, and playing with the layer opacity.

SPC #10 – balance

Self Portrait Challenge, Oct. ’06 – imperfection, week 4

I am way too good at singleminded focus, at least in certain situations. And I’m terrible at giving appropriate time to each part of my life.

An old friend of mine says, “Juggling IS balance.” I’m not sure if this is technically true, but it might be a useful metaphor. Wearing multiple hats, keeping all the balls in the air, balancing work and play and family and all that other stuff … it’s a goal I want.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to juggle — literally or figuratively.

But I want to learn. And hopefully with a sense of humor.


SPC #9 – avoidance


Self Portrait Challenge, October ’06 – Imperfection, week 2

I do not, actually, have to avoid the paparazzi (in fact, I AM the paparazzi… at least in this house), but I have and still do make a career out of avoidance.

It’s at the root of my procrastination, I think. I would rather do almost anything than confront: confront people, confront pain, confront uncomfortableness. In my transient lifestyle as a child, if I ignored or avoided something long enough, it usually would go away — or I would go away from it. All the same.

I realized a while back that the fear and apprehension of pain is worse than the pain itself. Or at least, makes the pain itself so much worse. The more I open and allow the feeling to enter, and then pass, the more bearable it is. Still working on it, to be more conscious about it.

The second thing I want most to learn now: courage.