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the familiar madness

Certainly familiar to children of the 80s like myself. I love what the book The Orchid Thief  (I love this book, it’s fascinating) has to say about collecting:

“Nah,” Laroche said. “I don’t want to collect anything for myself right now. I really have to watch myself, especially around plants. Even now, just being here, I still get that collector feeling. You know what I mean. I’ll see something and then suddenly I get that feeling. It’s like I can’t just have something – I have to have it and learn about it and grow it and sell it and master it and have a million of it.” He shook his head and scuffed up some gravel. “You know, I’ll see something, just anything, and I can’t help but think to myself, Well, geez, now that’s interesting. Jeez, I’ll bet you could find a lot of those.”

This right here (shown below)? Is exactly why I should shop less … it is what I fear becoming. It could totally happen. Even with the same item – I loved My Little Ponies as a kid. (In fact, the same old story: my mom got rid of all mine, and there are at least a couple – Firefly! Moondancer! – that I’m on the lookout for on eBay.) And she has them all pretty and lined up and such. But I have a utilitarian streak: the idea of having a collection that one does not/cannot/will not use irks part of me. I couldn’t ever reconcile this many… but that doesn’t stop me from feeling that collecting urge….



found apology

I rather love things like Postsecret, and Found Magazine. Found items, found art. I adored some of the ancient scribblings and carvings on furniture and bathroom stalls at college.

Spotted this sign opposite the turn out of the church parking lot, just last week.


Who is it for? Her parents? His parents? Jay’s parents? Jay’s brother or cousin or best friend? Such mystery… Theories, anyone?


This was just too interesting to pass up, especially for Halloween. I love the post she writes about it — so compassionate.

SmockLady also has an enlightening post debunking Halloween myths. I appreciate it, though it probably won’t stop some, like the guy who harangued me at a gas station five or six years ago for being dressed for a Halloween dance. Ah well.