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happy halloween

Here are a couple of fabulous Halloween experiments.

Trick or Treat Bags

Jack o’Lantern Preservation

Ah, the internet. Aren’t you glad someone else has done this hard work of experimentation for you?

Am I really NaBloPoMo-ing next month? Goodness.



Way way back in the day, when I still kept a not-yet-called-a-blog on Diaryland, there was a blog on there called Quoted. Pretty simple – people submitted quotes, they were published with a link, I think it was weekly. No longer updated, but there were gems like this (from a blog that is now password protected, else I would link it here):

Oh, and while we were watching the show on E!, we heard some random noise outside, two or three times. It was hard to explain, but it was kinda deep and long..? I dunno.. but I was firmly convinced it was the Horn of Gondor.

I loved it (I was even quoted myself on it a time or two). Not to insult any of my real life friends, but I often yearn for really witty people in my life. (My husband and I do make each other laugh, yes. I’m just insatiable I guess. When it comes to words. Let me be clear here….) In lieu of that, the blogs, sometimes they give me the best lines ever, things that stay with me. So now I share a few of my favorite, somewhat-recent ones with you.

from amalah:

I assured him that while yes, I am a neurotic mess, autism has never once been on my list of Things That Could Be Wrong With My Kid. (Thing #1: Almost Too Cute And Delicious, Thus Irresistible To Bears.)

from OMSH:

I visited Sephora last time I ventured out of my smallish town and I was completely befuddled. Have I ever mentioned that I don’t do well on multiple choice tests? I don’t. I also don’t do well on multiple choice stores and let me tell you, Sephora, is like one heck of a guessing game for me. And? There was no “All of the Above” option for my budget.

from Charmingbitch:

…NaBloPoMo (or something like that – you post every day for a month and who am I talking to? You people read the entire internet front to back everyday – I’m telling you nothing you didn’t already know, right?)

from defective yeti:

(An aside here, for the young men of Teh NetarWeb: don’t make the same mistake I did and fail to become a special education teacher. It’s a field populated exclusively by smart, beneficent, and heart-breakingly lovely lasses. I am so totally not kidding about this. Four years at a university and I did not spend as much time in the company of pretty college girls as Squiggle has in the two years since his diagnosis.)

also here (which is from last year, but may well be one of the awesomest things the english major in me has ever read):

Chapter 54: The Town-Ho’s Story is essentially a short story about another ship’s encounter with Moby-Dick. While long by the standard of most other chapters (it is twenty pages in length), it is considerably briefer than the 522 page account of the Pequod, and the author’s subtext appears to be: “Look at me! I can write tight, concise prose! When I feel like it! Which is never!”

from HeatherAnne (and how much do I love her header? so much):

what i wanted was
to write a haiku, but you
are all i think of

(and from the comments of that same entry)

Poetry writing
is harder than it would seem
To those not in love.

from Available Light (on her NaNovel):

It looks like Jabberwocky by way of lolcats.

this is a “very” old one from Schmutzie, but it is so wondrous and comforting to me somehow:

I’m going to tell you something, and it may sound kind of magical, but listen. Whatever your decision is, however you come to it, it is the right one for you. You can’t make the wrong decision. It’s magical how it works, but it’s true.

ETA (I swear, I won’t add any more to this entry after the end of November; obviously I will have to start another draft of them though):

from Loralee:

Because, dude: Girls + Makeup + Chocolate=NIRVANA. I wouldn’t have been shocked if Mr. Kurt Cobain strolled in with his cardigan and unwashed hair. If he had stopped by he would have looked dang pretty when he left because the person that was doing the makeup was amazing.

truth or dare… ok, just truth. and links.

I don’t know why I’m feeling so much less inspired this time around than last year for NaBloPoMo. I was only marginally more prepared last time (had a huge list of topics, but that’s about it), so I don’t think that’s it. Or, not it entirely.

I need some help people! Got any questions for me? Or any ideas for stuff to post, topics? Please, please share. Ask me questions! Go for it. It’s like truth or dare, except, it’s the internet, so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to choose dare (but if you want to enter some entertaining ones, perhaps I’ll wrestle out the camcorder). And also I may refuse to answer. I’m not a very good truth or dare player that way. But ask anyway!

(Seems lots of people are doing this asking questions thing this year. Well, a fair number. I like this entry and this entry on the topic.)


Okay, so this post isn’t a total waste, how about a few random links?

This is wild. Urban camouflage. Do people really use these? Do they work?

Here’s a chat transcript from JK Rowling that I hadn’t seen before. (No, not the infamous one.) Should authors not talk about their work after it’s published? Obviously in her case people are begging for it, but still….

Totally charmed by this. Makes me want to write a story.

A tutorial for making a denim tote bag. Did I mention I’m crazy about this bag making thing? And have so many worn out pairs of jeans available. May have to try it soon.

I support this. So nice to have it stated well.

Have you read Pioneer Woman’s story of how she met her husband? Oh, go, now! Begin at the beginning, and when you come to the end… well, it’s not finished yet actually, so when you come to the end you can wait in breathless anticipation for the next installment, like the rest of us!

another list o' random things

I have the book (well, the first one anyway) at last from the library. I’m savoring the moment before diving in.

A fascinating discussion about writing on the web.

Neti pots! I’d never even heard of them till maybe a month ago — now they’re EVERYWHERE. I swear, like every blog I read. Crazy.

Make up. Something I should learn more about. And maybe… I even want to.

Go to the Scrappay Divas blog. We’re starting our scrap challenges again! And we’ve done a redesign, and I made the header… go look fast because it’s pending the digital kit designer’s permission, so ya never know how long it’ll be there. Also I’m extremely pleased with my layout for tomorrow’s challenge, so go see! I may get the hang of this digital thing yet. (And if I really do, look out, cuz I already have more paper than you can shake a stick at….)

ETA: I was very frustrated trying to find this thing for future reference. And I couldn’t. ARGH. But now I have. Yay! And here it is. The end.

birthdays, links, and such

Partially inspired by this entry, and partly just a list of stuff to share…

So my birthday is in less than a month. I’m getting a 50mm lens for my camera, but I also want this necklace and these bags. Cuz they rock. Also I have decided to start an official toy fox collection and isn’t this one adorable? (ETA: though I usually get my photos professionally printed, this printer here sounds really awesome. I want to win it!)

ALSO, IMPORTANT QUESTION: my daughter’s birthday is even sooner. Does anyone know where I could get some toy griffins? Are you extremely talented and crafty? She loves small hard model animals, and I think that’s what she has in mind. I’m really rather desperate — she WOULD keep mentioning them too…

This right here slays me. “Some children, mostly boys, have even been pressed into brutal physical labor by their fathers, who demand their sons help them in the yard on Saturdays—one of only two days off for children who spend an average of 600 hours a week at school.”

“But what is wrong with me? Why O Why am I not bionic and able to do (and enjoy doing) everything all the time?” Love it. (One of the comments on the entry.)

U in big trubble now.

Her book is finally out. Yay!! (I ordered it.)

And finally, a classic:

reporting back

[I’m sure it’s wrong to want to fling yourself from the window just because you lost a stupid blog entry. Even if it was all finished and you were just trying to add a link to a charity. And it totally inexplicably disappeared.]

I now officially have a horrible cold, and am exceedingly grouchy; but this almost cheered me up: more Donny Osmond and Weird Al dancing… can’t get enough.

Report: so I got my prints back from Some of the 4x6s were color corrected, and I’m just almost never happy with color correction even, apparently, when it is done “by hand,” as theirs is purported to be. Always so yellow. 😛

But the 12x12s are lovely. And big. Big. Did I mention big? It’s just really nice to see my pages on paper, too. Digi scrapping is funny, because a lot of people open up a 12×12 canvas, but then end up printing them 8×8, which makes sense for a lot of reasons — being able to print it at home, or as an 8×10 and then trim it down; also the small computer screen makes it easier to design “bigger.” But even though I was aware of this and knew I wanted the pages to be 12×12 to go with the other Halloween pages I have (and therefore I was sizing the photos and so forth accordingly)… it still came out big. Big. But in a good way. And very nice prints.

I do want to try out — as they’re cheaper. I’ll let you know (eventually) about them, too.

Also? A word to the wise: there are many, many awesome digital freebies out there (Shabby Princess has so many lovely free kits that you almost wouldn’t need anything else; 2peas (scroll down for the free ones) has a free kit every month or so; ScrapGirls sends two freebies in their newsletter every weekday; and there are plenty other places too, of course), but particularly when you get a little, um, enthusiastic about downloading, you also need to keep up on the unzipping and categorizing. Otherwise you might, oh, hypothetically, end up finding a nice circle stamp that says “Halloween 2006” only AFTER you send all your Halloween 2006 pages off to be printed. When it would’ve been perfect, especially in that one corner where you used an unsatisfactory photo turn… Grr. (So instead I printed it on a transparency and added one to each layout.)

Here’s the final of that page I was going to write and stamp on. I got matte finish, and I hope that helps the paint not come off.

Puppy Boy, final

P.S. I’m thinking about moving, still on wordpress, but to quakingaspen (go figure, the name of the site, hmm…). Nervewracking, though I’m sure my four loyal readers would probably be willing to follow.

P.P.S. Cool thing on Ali Edwards’ blog – if her badge is in the top six (number of donations, not necessarily amount of money donated) then the organization will get a matching $10,000 donation as well. I would put the badge in here but as it deletes the whole entry inexplicably, you’ll just have to check it out at this link.

holiday musings…

Links to lovely, articulate Christmas-type posts:

Is more less? and musings on dealing with it…

To Santa or not to Santa, that is the question. (Can I get enough Kerflop in my posts? no, it seems I cannot, thanks for asking…)

I’m looking over Simplify Your Christmas, by Elaine St. James. Have I mentioned that I love my local library? Oh how I love my local library. I also have a couple of others on hold which should be arriving soon. I do want a simple, meaningful Christmas.

Here’s the thing: it’s all very well to talk about simplifying the holidays, and I do support it. However – that sort of assumes that you were doing something to begin with; a kind of presupposition of previous industriousness and competence, which eventually expanded into too much, thus the need to simplify. Which is quite the assumption when it comes to me. At this point in my life, and this year in particular, I feel like I’m finally, barely, on the ball enough to do a few things, feel like I’m not completely off balance. Our Christmas decor is up (thanks to my husband, who put it all up last night, except the ornaments on the tree, which he knows I love). I got an advent calendar in time for the first of December. I have plans for baking, even. At the moment, while I don’t want to get too carried away with stuff, I do want to enjoy the (extremely rare) feeling of accomplishment.


And a brief, slightly related comment: So I thought, how cool would it be to get a top for the kids? Like a spinning one, y’know? Because evidently I have to specify – a search for “top” on resulted in 20 hits of laptops or other such computer-ish things. “Spinning top” brought up only one: a tennis video game (“TopSpin” or something). Evidently I am living in some alternate reality because I want a top and not a laptop. (Not that I’m a total luddite – I did after all get a little digital camera for my daughter.) Must I scour garage sales for something like this? Or perhaps I will just order one here.