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I’m just trying to eat my fish

I’m sorry, I’ve got nothin’ tonight. But I will share this surreal video. Apparently it used to be aired frequently on access cable TV. What really boggles my mind is – they felt they needed three and a half minutes of this! Fabulous.

Actually in a way I kind of love it. Because “what is wrong with you?” is often part of my self-talk. But now, whenever I find I’m berating myself inwardly this way, I think of this video. And then I grin and say to myself, “I don’t have a problem, I’m just trying to eat my fish.” It kinda makes me feel better.


apparently he used the money to buy a motorcycle

Love this. Apparently it is Dutch (in case it makes you insane not to know, like me). I love the scary angry gnome man and the klepto dolphin. The more I watch it, the more I love it. Enjoy.

(I really hope my title isn’t something horrible in Dutch.)

candy mountain, charlie! candy mountain!

How had I never seen this before? I don’t know, but it’s REALLY FRIGGIN FUNNY, especially at 1 in the morning, with your siblings.

Magical leopluridons and a bridge of hope and wonder.
Shun the non-believer! Shhhhhhh-uuuuuu-nnnuh.

You. You are awesome.

This might be the best film I’ll see all year.

which first? good news or bad news?

The good news is … Spent a good part of the day at a craft fair held by my friends, here in town (go to their website for directions and times if you’ll be in the southern Arizona area – it’s on again tomorrow and next Saturday as well). I’ve even been making a few crocheted things to sell. (So come buy!)

The bad news is … Apparently my father-in-law (the one who lives here in town) was burned by chemicals at work today/last night. He’s alright, but was taken to the special burn unit in the Really Big City three hours away. So, not negligible. We’re figuring out visiting for tomorrow. But I think he’ll be home for Thanksgiving.

The good news is … One of my friends has a brand new fancy schmancy scanner, and it totally ROCKS – I started scanning some things while at the fair, and then she just had me take it home with me – and I’ve scanned tons of photos. I’M SO HAPPY about this. And have learned that a big ol’ fat stack of photos is not as many as you think. Which says to me – good golly, imagine the stack if I actually printed all my digital photos. It boggles the mind. We’re talking roomsful, people.

Finishing with a video, neither good nor bad, merely cool. Look carefully, is all I will tell you to start.

my current playlist

Though not on an ipod, because I don’t have one, just my computer. A couple I will link to youtube videos so you can hear them too.

  • Bottle It Up – Sara Bareilles – current theme song
  • One I Love – Meav – love this song, reminds me of Ireland (my friend and I sang it there together)
  • Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield
  • Accidentally in Love – Counting Crows
  • These Are Days – 10,000 Maniacs
  • Better Together – Jack Johnson
  • Broken – Seether & Amy Lee
  • Mr. Blue – Catherine Feeny
  • Stand – Rascall Flatts
  • Falling Slowly – ?
  • Supergirl – Kitty Morot – rough demo, but I love the song (also know the singers)
  • Penguin Lament – John Ondrasik
  • Peggy – Clandestine
  • Come to Jesus – Mindy Smith
  • Banjo Boy – Ryan Shupe & the Rubber Band
  • Fighter – Christina Aguilera
  • 100 Years – Five for Fighting
  • Landslide – Dixie Chicks
  • Born to Fly – Sara Evans
  • White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes – really can’t get this out of my head
  • Least Complicated – Inigo Girls
  • Little Wonders – Rob Thomas

John Williams IS the man.

I love a cappella. The funniest part is: no Imperial March or other actual Star Wars music. High-larious.